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How To Get Ezoic Monetization Approval.

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Ezoic is one the best growing platform to monetize your website/blog after google adsense it’s safe to say they are the best alternative if you don’t want google adsense problems because ezoic policies are easier to understand than that of Google Adsense and more Publisher can testify to this.

Now, are you trying to monetize your website with ezoic and wondering how to do that, well I’m here with the best solution and you will be getting ezoic monetization in under 24 hours – 14 days(10 working days).

This article will be in 2 sections 1st for New users trying to know about the approval before applying. 2nd Disapproved users trying to reapply. Anyone you fall in, read this blog in full to understand all and apply it on your blog then apply/reapply.


In this section, we will be talking about how to get ezoic approval on the first review, follow this write-up, and apply for ezoic monetization.

1. Know about ezoic Policies.

This is the most important part of this write-up and I will be talking about the important policy of ezoic regarding monetization.

  • Avoid streaming and downloads on your site: Ezoic made it clear they won’t be monetizing sites with downloads and streaming functions especially those of copyright content. You can monetize this type of website by having a blog section where you have good content published.
  • Avoid Bot Traffic/ Purchasing Traffic through bad sources: Ezoic had removed its 10k minimum traffic requirement through Ezoic Access Now but is still very against bad traffic, its better not to have any traffic than sending bots to your site when you eyeing ezoic monetization.
  • Avoid Scrapped Contents: Ezoic loves authenticity and hates scraping content which includes spinning and using article rewrite tools or changing articles from one language to another. JUST BE ORIGINAL

2. Write Original/Useful content.

If your website is a blog website then you should know by now that Content is King and Key in monetization, like what do you want to monetize without content? So check your blog now and re-review your content you should have up to 15 articles well categorized with at least 700 words(I will recommend 1k words).

To make sure you are not just writing for writing’s sake make use of the following ideas.

  • Find your niche: This will help your writings on topics you know about it can be anything just be sure it’s useful and will benefit some people out there.
  • Make Keyword Research: Find what people want to know and are searching for in your Niche, with this you write for actual humans and not yourself alone.
  • Write Engaging Content: Sincerely this is important you don’t need any professionalism, have your Grammarly check grammar and write like you are explaining things to your friend on WhatsApp. This makes people understand what you writing, DONT MAKE IT HARD mate!!!
  • Submit your website to Google Search and Bing: Not actually necessary for ezoic monetization but important for your blog in the Long run. Visit HERE for google and HERE for bing.

3. Good website Customization.

You are wondering if this is actually a big deal? then yes it is, very important too. Make your site look nice with good navigation, I mean make your site accessible with things like Menu, Footer, header, and sidebar.

This will make your site look nice in general and also help your monetization approval, since ezoic is not a bot review make the quality team of ezoic see the seriousness and professionalism of your website.

Follow these steps to make your navigation amazing.

  • Use a Good and lightweight theme: I will recommend any of Soledad, Newspaper, Jannah, and Generate Press. They are all lightweight and easy to customize.
  • Create Menus: Create a Menu so users can navigate to important pages easily, Pages like About Us, Contact Us e.tc. And the categories of your articles should be included.
  • Activate HTTPS: Make your site safe for visitors and avoid the HTTPS error, if you don’t have this before don’t worry just turn it On in your ezoic settings during sign-up.
  • Optimize your speed: You can set this up using ezoic leap just turn on the leap after signing up then customize it to your taste.

4. Going against Google Publisher Policy.

As we all know ezoic is a verified ezoic parent publisher so it’s a must all child accounts follow the Google policy. (Not something hard).

Visit the GOOGLE Policy Link and review the policy then follow it on your Blog.

By following this procedure it’s safe to sign up for ezoic and integrate your website then wait for your CONGRATULATIONS message. ENJOY…..


Have you applied for ezoic monetization and you got the disapproval message? I know how frustrating that can be, Follow these recommended solutions then reapply I assure you of approval.

Reasons ezoic rejects website monetization.

  • Scrapped contents (Very common)
  • Bot Traffic(requires a lot of determination to solve)
  • Download and stream content.
  • Going against Google policies


  • Check and work on rejection reasons: This is actually the best solution, ezoic is mostly clear about rejection issues, and it’s very rare for wrong reactions. Work on the reasons and reapply.
  • Write Good and Original Content: If bad or invaluable content is the reason for the rejection, scroll back to the first section and follow the Useful content guidance.
  • Build Quality Traffic: If you are rejected based on Traffic quality or bot-related issues, work on your traffic on a 30dyas budget after a good trend of traffic message the ezoic support and let them re-review your blog.
  • Have a blog section for your Download/Stream website: Have a page or a subdomain to act as the blog section then link it to your homage navigation, make sure your blog section is of original and useful content.
  • Review the Google policy: Visit this link and make sure you going against none.

Make sure to talk to your ezoic manager or contact the ezoic support team Twist/ezoic community in case your website was rejected wrongly or send a mail to appeal@ezoic.com to sort it out. (I will recommend creating a thread on the twist support channel).


This write-up is based on my experience with ezoic and not a type of trick its just you doing thjings in the right way. In case this doesn’t solve your problem message up the ezoic support.

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