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How To Spend Elon Musk Money

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Knowing fully well about Elon Musk wealth and generosity, you may be making research on how to benefit from him and how to spend Elon Musk Money?

Let’s go straight to the Point Elon is popular and doesn’t need much introduction.

5 Instructive way to spend Elon Musk Money.

1. WORK FOR Elon Musk

This may seem so hard or maybe not what you need but it’s actually the sure way to benefit from Elon Musk and spend his money.

You can simply find jobs available on tesla or tweet directly at Elon with your qualification.

How to get work from Tesla

Do you have a degree in this field(Manufacturing, Autopilot AI e.t.c) and want to work at Tesla? Well it’s an easy Task and I will guide you through the steps.

  1. Go to Tesla Career Page tesla.com/careers
  2. Find the sub field you are good at
  3. CLICK on See opportunities
  4. On the opportunity page click on See jobs
  5. See the aavailable Jobs and apply for the one you are good at
  6. You can visit the search page direct (here) and search for the job you need if available.

2. Tweet at Elon Musk

Elon Musk is very active on the popular social media Platform Twitter, and its an opportunity to connect with him. You can tweet are reasonable tweet at him (make sure you are not begging) offer some value or a project you want him to help you on. You might be lucky.

3. Make an ART painting of Elon Musk

If you are a designer and you are good at this it’s a big way to spend Elon Musk Money . A lot of artist have made a living making arts of celebrities and popular people.

Elon Musk is very wealthy and your Work of him getting is attraction means he will pay you a lot for your efforts.

3 ways to make money from Elon Musk ART

  1. Sell as an NFT (make it unique and catchy and turn to an NFT)
  2. Sell for local buyer ( this is another way of making money off a celebrity)
  3. Sell for online image stocks

4. Make analysis to Improve Elon Musk company

IF you can take the risk and time analysing the data of his companies and businesses (good for data analyst) and predict a good work flow to improve his business, its a good shot.

  1. Make analysis of the data (his company’s and competitors)
  2. Know the weakness and strength of all.
  3. Make work flow on how to improve.
  4. Send an Offer letter to his company mail or tweet directly at him.

5. Buy Elon Musk company shares.

Well this is smart for investors, you can buy Elon Musk company shares and gain from his hardworks. The harder he works and become successful the more you also gain

  1. Choose a reliable broker (e.g Robinhood)
  2. Deposit
  3. Search for teslas stock (Elon most successful investment)
  4. Buy Buy Buy

FOLLOWING this 5 ways you will surely be making riches off Elon Musk.


this is a write up for people trying to make money from Elon Musk, search for How to spend Elon Musk Money.

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