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How To troubleshoot Ads Not Showing On Ezoic.

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Ezoic is a very essential website for all publishers that help with a number of features From Speed, CDN e.t.c, one of the most important features of ezoic is the access to monetize your website. Ezoic helps you with monetization through ads network and agency and that’s a pretty cool way to monetize your website and monitor your speed on a go.



Have you managed to pass the ezoic monetization review and get approval for your site and after this your ads still not showing? Well, there are certain conditions that may cause this problem and I’m glad to tell you it’s solvable just by looking at the possible reason and applying the solution.

Reasons and Solutions your Ezoic ads are not showing.

I will be listing some reasons and solutions your ezoic ads may not be showing. Easiest to hardest possible reasons.

1. Caching Error.

This is one of the popular reason ads doesn’t show on an ezoic publisher’s website at first due to a lack of understanding of how the caching rules works, it simply means your website is showing another version of your website that’s different from the ezoic version. Read more about ezoic caching

Solution 1

This is easy to solve, Go to your ezoic caching setting dashboard CLICK HERE and click on the CLEAR CACHE button this clears all site-wide cache and checks if your ads are showing Now.

Note: I will advise you to edit your caching rule and set the rule to the minimum seconds available this makes your site cache update regularly and loads recent updates.

If this is not the error move to the next Error.

2. Google MCM Disapproval

Like we said earlier ezoic is not an ads network but a network that offers monetization through its partners. Google being one of the imporatant partners of ezoic to provide monetization, it’s a must to get Google MCM approval. Google MCM is a branch of Google Ads Manager that allows parent publishers like ezoic to monetize on behalf of child publishers like you. Now there’s some confusing part to publishers about Google Mcm I will like to explain here. To monetize your website through ezoic you need these two approvals

  1. Google MCM account approval: where google reviews your details generally – 24 Hours duration.
  2. Domain Approval: Where google reviews your domain – 2 weeks max duration.

Now, most contacts get mail of congratulations regarding the approval of accounts and wonder why ads are not showing, it’s a must your domain should be approved before ads show.

Solution 2

There’s not much to do here if Google is not replying yet Keep writing good content and if your domain was rejected review the reason and reapply. Check this link for ezoic recommendations and solutions on domain disapprovals.

If this is not your case let’s move forward

3. Ezoic Traffic is not turned on.

To enjoy all features of ezoic your traffic must be running through ezoic proxy, maybe the percentage of the traffic is so low or turned off for some/all devices this will determine the ads that your placeholders are going to generate for visitors .

Solution 3

Go to your ezoic settings or click here and edit your traffic settings. For the best result make it 100% for all devices.

If this is not the problem let’s move forward.

4. BOT-LIKE Traffic

Ezoic is always against buying traffic from illegal sources or the interaction of your users mirroring that of a bot. When ezoic sees a red flag in your traffic trends they tend to demonetize your website or pause ads testing to re-review your site.

The demonetization is easy to know but when ads testing is being paused unless you can check from the monetization tab(The ads testing option disappears) you may be unaware. The ads testing simply means your users are mirroring the bot interaction and your site may not show ads until improvements are made.

Solution 4

Just work on your traffic quality, write rich content and get good traffic from reliable sources(Facebook included) after a month of this contact your ezoic manager or get the support through the twist channel(You can see the link at the bottom right dashboard if you are not yet on the channel).

5. Compatibility Issues

There are some host services that always have compatibility issues with ezoic, these hosts always blacklist some of the ezoic proxy IPs (AWS IPS) and this will always leave publishers in compatibilities issues causing origin errors and preventing you from enjoying ezoic features(Monetization included sometimes).

Solution 5

To solve this message your host support and inform them about this demanding the whitelist of the said ips. Information on ips is available here

6. Google Invalid Traffic Blacklist

This is an issue when a publisher domain had been blocked by google to show ads due to invalid traffic. (An issue for most expired domain-hunters)

Solution 6.

  • Work on quality traffic
  • Fill in the invalid traffic appeal form here.
  • Talk to your ezoic manager or contact support.

7. Ads Jamming

I don’t think that’s the best name for it but this is a very crucial policy of google and major ads network, this is a situation where different ads from different platforms are shown alongside ezoic, Diluting ads is a great monetization practice but you need to wrap it all into ezoic to get a good result from ezoic ads testing A.I. Although this won’t stop ads from showing but a wrong practice on the long run. Read the benefit here

If you already did solution 3 and you are using adsense auto ads you don’t need to worry but if you are using ads code see to the next solution.

Solution 7

Wrap all your ads unit code into the ezoic ads placeholder code the simplest description of how to do that is to put your ads unit code inside the ezoic placeholder code. Read How to do that here


This article is based on my experience with ezoic, in case this is not solving your problem due to updated or outdated terms during the time of reading remember to contact te ezoic support and drop a comment so that an update will be provided.

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