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Is consumer durables a good career path?

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Durable Goods are types of Consumer goods that are useful commodities with a long life span, you can think of Consumer durables as the day-to-day tools we use with a long life span for example Buildings, vehicles, and machinery. These goods have a life span of 3 years and more.

Have you been trying to give this a thought and maybe find a job in this career? NOW you are asking the Question “Is consumer durables a good career path?” If that’s the case you are at the right place, we will be giving the necessary information you need in this article write-up.

Is consumer durables a good career path?

Yes, Consumer Durables is a very good career path with amazing Jobs.

The benefit of Consumer Durables Career

These are the major reasons you should consider the career path

1. High-Demand: Since these goods are the day-to-day needs of consumers there’s a high demand in the market which makes the availability of jobs easier.

2. High-Paying Jobs: The main point of any job, the financial reward of the industry is great and that gives you a good return for your labor

3. Flexible Working Hours: This simply means you can work and create time for other things to attend to.

Major Jobs In Consumer durables Goods.

As we said earlier this industry is a high-demand industry which means there are a lot of jobs available for professionals.

Since this is an overview of the career path we will be listing the major Jobs In the industry.

Here is a list of available jobs in consumer durables:

  • Tool and die maker
  • Fashion forecaster
  • Interior designer
  • Manufacturing Engineer
  • Robotic engineer
  • CNC Machine operator
  • Manufacturing technician
  • Quality assurance engineer
  • Data scientist
  • Visual merchandiser
  • Marketing Specialist
  • Computer engineer
  • Business analyst
  • Product designer
  • Automotive engineer
  • Sales representative
  • Product brand manager
  • Automotive sales manager

Now let’s analyze the best-paying jobs in the industry.

Best Paying Jobs In consumer durables.

1. Robotic Engineer

Average Salary : $89,000.

Most of our day-to-day appliances consist of Robotic engineering. The Robotic Engineer is the backbone of today’s technologically advanced society. They create A.I that can carry out functions and keep the functionality of the A.I in check.

This requires knowledge of Math, Computer science, and computer Languages.

2. Automotive Engineer

Average Salary : $72,000.

Automotive Engineers are responsible for developing our day-to-day Automotives (Cars, vehicles e.t.c). They are responsible for creating Engines and parts of automotive. Since there’s a lot of demand for automotive this is a very good career path to go into.

3. Quality assurance engineer.

Average Salary: 86,000

Quality assurance engineers are responsible for testing products to meet the required quality before putting out the products to the general Public.

They test products and find cracks and issues to work and repair them before the products are published for public use.

4. Electronics Engineer

Average Salary: $101,000

Electronic Engineers are to create Electronic systems used in various electronic appliances (TV, Washing Machines, Iron e.t.c).

With a lot of demand for electronics, this is good to go sub-career path in the consumer durables industry.

5. Computer Engineers

Average Salary: $97,000

What computer scientists do is make computer programs that can work on laptops, Smartphones, television, etc.

Computer engineers do more than you think. They build for a lot of things – many of the appliances you have at home have computer chips built by computer engineers in them.If you know the concept of how computers work and have deep problem-solving skills, this might just be for you.


With the provided data, we have a concrete answer to the question “Is consumer durables a good career path?” Which is definitely a YES.

Consumer durables is a career path with a lot of sub-careers you can go for.

Ranging from programming to engineering.

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