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Earnings Not Showing After Getting Approved for Ezoic Monetization.

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This issue of earnings not showing after getting approved for ezoic monetization is mostly common among new publishers that just got approved for ezoic monetization, although this is not a serious monetization problem, in this write up I will give the reason and the solution to solve this.

Note: This article is of the assumption that you have your domain approved for both Ezoic Monetization and Google AD Manager.

Why Are My Earnings Not Showing After Getting Approved for Ezoic Monetization?

  • Your ads are not yet showing.

This is probably the most common issue, most time publishers think their ads are good to go whereas the visitors aren’t seeing no ads which results in no earning records. There are different causes for this and we will be discussing the solutions in the coming section.

  • Not Enough Traffic

On every ad network, you need some real and engaging traffic to have any significant earnings, and this should be probably around 1k pageviews from tier-one countries (may take more for low-tier countries). So without enough traffic, you may not see earnings yet.

  • Ezoic still gathering data

Since the reporting arent live based it may take time for earnings reporting, so ezoic may need time to update your earnings.

What to do when My Earnings Not Showing After Getting Approved for Ezoic Monetization?

  • Clear Your cache

Since one of the reasons for earnings not getting updated is ads not showing to visitors, the first troubleshooting step is to clear your cache, visitors may be viewing the nonads version of your site before getting monetized.

So clear your cache at https://pubdash.ezoic.com/leap/caching .

  • Make sure Ads Tester is Enabled.

Another reason users may not get to see your ads is the fact that the Ads tester is turned disabled for your domain on ezoic, this may be caused by a mistake from your path or a violation of ezoic policies.

Most time ezoic disables Ads Tester to evaluate your traffic and know the next step on your monetization status.

You can check if the Ads Tester is on or off at https://pubdash.ezoic.com/ezoicads/adpositions/adsetup, in case you can’t turn it on your self reach out to ezoic support at https://community.ezoic.com/.

  • Work On Getting More Traffic.

If you aren’t getting enough traffic, your earnings will be little to non, so work more on traffic and this will help not for your earning records but more earnings.

  • Give Ezoic Time.

Sometimes all needed is time for needed for ezoic to gather data about your site earnings and all.


These points should get your issue solved but if it don’t you should reach out to ezoic support at https://community.ezoic.com/

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