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How To Wrap Your Ads on Ezoic.

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In this post we will be addressing how to wrap your Ads on ezoic, assuming you are already an ezoic publisher with an active account and you have mediation with another advertising platform. For your mediation to work the best you need to wrap the third-party platform ads code with ezoic. So in this tutorial, we will be giving a descriptive how-to tutorial to get this done.

Note: We will take the third-party platform Adsense and make use of it throughout the tutorial, although Adsense is the most used ads network with ezoic, this will work for any other ads network.

  • Create an Ads Placeholder on ezoic.

You can create an ezoic placeholder similar to the ads unit on Adsense but with different functionality, you can create a new placeholder by going to https://pubdash.ezoic.com/ezoicads/adpositions/placeholders and clicking on the “Create New” button, you should create a Top Page ads type.

Your placeholder should look like this

  • Create and Ads Unit on Adsense/Third Party Platform.

Creating an ads unit on AdSense is straight forward and the ads unit should look like this

  • Time To wrap the Ads.

When we talk about wrapping ads it’s just as its name implies warping the third-party ads with ezoic placeholders to avoid ads dilution and enhance Mediation.

First step

Copy your ezoic placeholder we created at the beginning, paste this in a text editor on your PC or anywhere you can write is fine.

Second Step

You will be pasting the AdSense code we created between the middle div class in the placeholder, you can give a space between the line to make it easy, and it becomes

Now paste the Adsense ads unit in the space and it becomes

And with this, we have a wrapped ads placeholder and ezoic can include the ads unit in their testing.

  • Paste the ads on the Location you want.

You can copy the code we created and paste it into any location of your choice and ezoic A.I will take care of the other step.

In case you do have any inquiries please make a comment and I will be glad to help further, remember you do not have to worry about the auto ads shown on your site by Adsense since ezoic A.I can read that automatically.

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